Don’t Get a Rep for Being a Spammer!

Marketing Your Speaking Business: Don’t Get a Rep for Being a Spammer!

I received an email from one of my vendors the other day… Here’s what I saw in my in-box:

From: Diana Smith
Subject: 50% Off!

Seconds away from tagging it as spam, I decided to take a more in-depth look. It was then that I recognized the email domain name as being from a vendor. The person sending the email was a new sales associate, writing to introduce herself and provide a special discount on new orders.

To me, she looked exactly like a spammer, and I ALMOST deleted her message. Most people probably would’ve deleted it without even thinking twice about it.

I decided to send her a quick note with some helpful advice… ideas to, perhaps, keep her emails from getting tagged as spam in the future by me or her other customers.

From: Diana Smith / ABC Printing Company
Subject: 50% OFF New Orders in November!

Can you see the difference those small changes would make?

Even if the recipient didn’t recognize her name, they would recognize the company’s name. And, the more specific subject line makes it clear what the email’s about. It can also be intriguing to the recipient, so they’re more likely to open it.

Just some food for thought next time you send out an email. Will people recognize you — or delete you?

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