How Free Professional Speaking Gigs Can Lead to Increased Business

How Free Professional Speaking Gigs Can Lead to Increased Business

With dreams of stardom and hopes of owning the Mercedes and the million-dollar home, many aspiring professional speakers set off in hunt for getting highly paid speaking gigs — only to get knocked down by rejection after rejection. After doing some investigation, they discover that virtually all of their starting events will be free speaking gigs.

How to grow your speaking business...What?!?

If “free” is a horrendous four letter word in your livelihood vocabulary, you might want to change your thinking about the importance and value that “free” can actually provide. There are wonderful advantages that come with speaking without charge — including having the capacity to promote your back-of-the-room products where you can genuinely profit. You’ll be gaining new experiences and building your clientele list.

1. “Free” still gets your name out.

The more people who hear you speak, the more people you will have to potentially buy your product and refer you to other people are seeking professional speakers. As an example, speaking at no cost for an organization like a Rotary Club or Elks Club can result in paying jobs because most of the members who owned by this organization have businesses of their own or are in positions in their careers where they’re the decision makers to “hire” speakers.

2. You can, nevertheless, have the opportunity to sell your products at these free speaking engagements.

Statistics show that back of the room products account for over 50% of professional speaking profits. Promote your enterprise and promote your products in the same location! At at minimum, you will be able to refer them to your web site for more info or additionally, to purchase products and books. The more people that hear you, the more opportunities you’ll have.

3. Free speaking opportunities are still opportunities where you are able to create a video tape of yourself.

Many speaker bureaus and meeting planners won’t hire you without seeing a video tape of your presentation. On top of that, many organizations such as the Rotary Club or Elks Club have people who can assist you create your video. Can you trade services?

4. Free speaking engagements are a fantastic place to network.

Hopefully by now you realize that you have to get your name out there. As a way to get your name around, you’ll ought to be around. You can nevertheless mingle with your guests as well as network with meeting planners for the function.

5. A totally free speech happening is still a fantastic reason to send out a press release.

If you are looking for a cause to send out press releases about yourself or your livelihood, use free speaking engagements. Submit them to local newspapers and various online sites that have a “to-do in your field” section. This is barely another method to get the word out about your enterprise.

Speaking free of charge has its advantages. What you will have to learn next is how to leverage these free occurrences into referrals and product sales. As you do this, more people will realize you and your company will be well on its way to success!

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