What Not To DO On Facebook

Facebook Tip for Speakers #3 ~ Tag Spam!

I’ve noticed an annoying trend on Facebook lately… people “tagging” others in videos and/or photos when they’re not actually IN those videos/photos.

Seems strange, I know… but in the social media world, that’s big-time SPAMMING and it’s not a good idea.

WHY are they doing it?

Well, when a “big-name” person with lots of followers is tagged in a post, video, or photo, it shows up on that “big-name” person’s Facebook page… which means lots of people will see it… which means the post, video, or photo could potentially get a lot of attention… which is what a spammer wants, right?

I know YOU’RE not a spammer, but using a technique like this (even innocently) could get you tagged as one. There are better & smarter ways to promote yourself, your events, and your products.

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