Facebook has a really great tool for telling people about things that are happening in your speaking business.

How to promote on FacebookIt’s called… yep, you guessed it!


You can use it for promoting:

  • Webinars
  • Teleseminars
  • Workshops
  • Radio Shows & Interviews
  • Keynotes / Conferences
  • Toastmasters or NSA meetings
  • Open houses
  • Sales on products, books, coaching programs
  • …and everything in between!

Be sure to include logos, interesting descriptions, and links to additional information or resources — then send out “virtual” invitations to your Facebook friends.

Be careful with this one… you don’t want to “over-invite” people. If your friends get too many invitations from you, they’ll stop paying attention after awhile. Use this marketing technique strategically.

So, how do you create an EVENT on Facebook? Look on your Facebook page, just below the wide profile photo. Click on the link called “More,” then select “Events,” and click the button called “Create Event.” Follow the directions from there. It’s easy!

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