Facebook Tip for Speakers #1 ~ Tagging Brilliant People & Clients (WITHOUT Spamming)

Facebook Tip for Speakers #1 ~ Tagging Brilliant People & Clients (WITHOUT Spamming)

Give credit to sources of brilliance! Did a colleague say something SO great that you’d like to share it with the world? Great! Attribute the quote to them in your post.

Here’s how…

Type your message in the “what’s on your mind” box on your Facebook page. And when you’re ready to mention the brilliant person’s name, first type the “@” symbol. Then begin typing the person’s name. As the first few letters are typed, you’ll see a drop-down list showing friends with those same letters at the beginning of their names.

Click on the brilliant person’s name, and then finish typing your message. Their name will show up as a hot-link, and other people will be able to click on it and visit their profile page. The brilliant person will get a notification telling them that you’ve mentioned them in a post. Cool, eh?

What’s In It For You? ~ As a speaker, you can also use this technique to recognize companies, key contacts, and organizations. Here’s an example: “Just finished a keynote for (@ABC Company). Wow! What a great group of employees!” This adds to your credibility, and increases your level of professionalism in the eyes of potential clients.

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