Do you have business cards? One of my mentors insists that we don’t need them these days, but I disagree. Even with all the technology available to us, there’s still something kinda cool about physically exchanging cards with somebody.

Think about it… you’re a speaker, with a very unique message and personality. I’m guessing that one of your goals when meeting people is to be memorable, right? Business cards are a fabulous way to make an impression and “share” your personality with a new colleague.

Christopher Rausch Business Card

Christopher has a very unique speaking style and audience. His card is a perfect reflection of his friendly — and edgy — personality.

If your speaking style is fun & energetic, perhaps your card could include a photo of you holding that rubber chicken you always incorporate into your keynotes. If your target market happens to include motorcycle dealerships, your business card might display a photo of you in a leather jacket, sitting on a Harley.

Photos, personal quotes, colors, readability, simplicity… even the thickness and quality of the paper the cards are printed on… every single one of these can help you make a great (or not-so-great) impression on somebody you’ve just met.

I’m currently in the process of redesigning my “Butterfly Herder” identity. As you’ve probably noticed, right now it’s a bit “fluffy” and “girly” — which is great, for the person I was when I first started my business. Almost 10 years later, I’ve developed a very distinct speaking & communication style that’s neither fluffy, nor girly. I want my cards, website, and overall branding to match who I am today.

If you do a lot of face-to-face networking, it’s very likely that potential clients will see your business card long before they have a chance to visit your website. So, be sure to really think about what you want them to see — to experience — when they first meet you and take your card.

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