3 Easy Techniques to Show You’re a Pro

Aspiring Professional Speakers — 3 Easy Techniques to Show You’re a Pro

To be an effective professional speaker you must be memorable right away. If you lose your audience from the start you will have to work extra hard to win them back. Here are 3 easy things that ensure you capture their attention within 5 seconds of stepping on stage.

Pre-Show Prep

Before stepping on stage make sure you prepare yourself well by getting in the right mindset. Develop a routine that puts you in a peak state of confidence so that you can deliver your best to your audience.

1. Develop a set of affirmations that give strength and confidence. Choose words that empower you and say them out loud before you speak.

2. Physical energy matters too! While saying your affirmations stand tall, raise your hands up and jump a few times. This will feel really weird the first few times you do this but I guarantee it will increase your energy that will transfer to your audience. Try it out…see what happens.

3. “LOVE” on your audience from the back of the room. Within a few minutes before going on stage, I stand at the back of the room and send love to the everyone. Once again, this may feel strange at first but, it will make a huge difference in the energy you give off when you step on stage. It’s amazing how this one simple technique will impact your audience.

The Power of Posture

The first part will contribute to the second part—walk on stage with confident, strong posture. Your body language speaks volumes about you and your state of mind. In fact, numerous studies have proved that your posture, and the way you carry yourself, dramatically impacts how people treat you. When you step on stage make sure that your body language is conveying a message of confidence and authority. People will notice this within the first 5 seconds that you step on stage. Make sure you are sending the right message with your body language.

Dress the Part

The way you dress speaks volumes about you and can be a key element to winning over your audience (or not) from the first 5 seconds you step on stage. It’s important to know your audience and be consistent with your message and branding. You will dress differently when speaking to a group of bankers then you will when speaking to a group of blue collar workers. When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a pair of dark slacks and a blazer. Also, be sure to pay attention to details. If you’re wearing the wrong kind of shoes that are all scuffed up you will be amazed at how many people in your audience will be distracted by this one seemingly minor detail.

It’s said that every great speech must have a captivating opening and a memorable close. When you include these things you will have happy clients.

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