Pooooor you. You’re wonderfully active online! You post comments on numerous blogs throughout the week. You even have your own blog that you keep fresh-and-new with daily post about current events, opinions, and helpful information for current & potential clients.

You’re doing a great job — mostly.

All this time… as you’ve made comments on all those other people’s blog posts… have you stopped to wonder why you show up as a little gray box? No photo, no cool icon… just a little gray box with two white circles stacked on top of each another… looking sorta look like a snowman, come to think of it.

You’re not a snowman. Are you? I did’t think so!

Getting rid of that little gray box is super-EASY and it’s free. So, it’s time to DO IT. Here’s how…

1.) Go to www.Gravatar.com (Gravatar stands for ‘globally recognized avatar.’)

2.) Create a free account.

3.) Upload a cool photo of yourself. Or a pic of your cat walking a tightrope. (It’s probably better to use the ‘you’ pic, tho.)

Just three simple steps and YOUR photo will show up up every time you comment on somebody’s blog post! Hooray!

(…and you’re thinking, WHY should I care?”)

It’s all about BRANDING, baby! With so much competition out there in cyberspace, it’s critical that we do everything that we can to keep our brand visible, stay in front of the eyes of our audience, and communicate a consistent, strong message.

This is one very simple way to do it.

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